Full Mouth Dental Implants in Pleasant Hill, CA

Say adios to smile anxiety and farewell to denture woes with comfortable, natural-looking full-mouth dental implants.

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Pay your way with flexible financing and insurance options

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Experience better comfort with IV conscious sedation

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It’s time to say “no more” to missing teeth.

No more embarrassment over gaps in your smile. No more chafing or denture adhesive. No more lifestyle compromises.

Instead, say yes to a strong bite, a secure, comfortable fit, and a smile that’s practically indistinguishable from a natural one.

Say yes to full mouth dental implants – and get the complete smile replacement your life demands.

Rediscover Your Smile

Full mouth dental implants let you get more out of each day with a complete smile you can be proud of.

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Smile Without Worries

Denture slip-ups and smile embarrassment: two problems you’ll never worry about again.

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Unpause Your Life

With a great new smile, your options for food, careers, and even romance are now wide open.

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Enjoy a Healthier Smile

Floss, brush, and care for your smile the easy way. No special steps or extra care is required.

The Cost of Full Mouth Dental Implants

Worth Every Penny

Pricing is provided per jaw, with a full “arch” of teeth typically costing between $12,000 and $25,000. On average, a completely new smile costs around $35,000.

Full mouth dental implants are an investment – and what you put in cost-wise gives back so much more in the form of daily comfort and confidence.

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Getting Full Mouth Dental Implants

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Step 1 – Consultation

During your first consultation with Dr. Zhu, he’ll talk to you about your oral health, budget, and expectations, letting you know what to expect and whether you’ll need extra treatment like bone grafting in advance.

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Step 2 – Planning

Once you’re ready to receive your implants, we’ll conduct detailed scans and exams of your mouth. They’ll be used to make sure every part of your treatment goes smoothly, from the surgery itself to the fit and comfort of your dental implants.

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Step 3 – Placement

Once everything’s been carefully planned, you’ll receive your implants. 4 to 6 implants are used to create a secure, reliable connection between the dental prosthetic and jaw bone. From there, you’ll be given a set of temporary implants to wear while your mouth heals.

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Step 4 – Healing

Healing from the implant placement surgery can take up to 6 months, and that time is crucial. A stronghold is what allows your dental implants to reliably withstand the rigors of everyday life year after year.

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Step 5 – Fitting

After the healing stage is complete, you’ll receive your final set of personalized full-mouth dental implants. You might still need to come back for an adjustment or two, but you’ll be free to start enjoying life with your brand new smile.

What Makes Pleasant Hill Dental Different?

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Everything is about you.

Full mouth dental implants are complex, so we only use precise digital technology that brings you safer, superior results.

Full mouth dental implants are a major investment, so we give you more options to save and afford your care.

Full mouth dental implants are a lengthy procedure, so we offer IV conscious sedation to make your experience more comfortable.

Dr. Zhu and our entire team put every dimension of dentistry to work, helping you get the smile you want. Because here at Pleasant Hill Dental, our care is – and always will be – all about you.

“They really listen to their patients”

Dr. Z & staff are very thorough and educated. They know their stuff! Extremely nice staff. They really listen to their patients and work with them to plan out the best strategy to help resolve dental issues as well as prevent future exacerbations of current issues. Dr. Z can also administer locals with expert skill. I appreciated his demeanor and skill.

— Angie R. • Google Local Guide

Your Questions About Full-Mouth Dental Implants


If you’re looking into getting full mouth dental implants, you may see names like “All-on-4” or “All-on-6”. Those are branded, trademarked product names that are often used to refer to full mouth dental implants, like how “Kleenex” has become another name for “tissue”.


Most people say that getting implants isn’t especially painful (and even less so with sedation from Dr. Zhu). The majority of the discomfort you’ll feel will be from swelling or soreness after your surgery.


Unfortunately, no. After a few weeks of healing you’ll be able to eat a variety of foods using your temporary teeth, but we recommend staying away from especially hard, chewy, or sticky foods until you’re fitted with your permanent set of teeth.


After your implants have been placed, you’ll need to be careful with them so the surgical wounds don’t reopen. When brushing, you should proceed gently and slowly, then follow up with a salt-water rinse to lower your chances of getting an infection.


While you don’t have to take time off, it’s strongly recommended, as focusing on working or studying will be difficult directly after the procedure. Ideally, you should take 2 to 3 days off to rest and let your mouth heal.


If you take care of them well, they can last for over 20 years. Proper care means brushing, flossing, and diligently maintaining your oral hygiene, plus taking care to avoid foods that are especially hard or acidic.

Looks like a whole new smile. Feels like a whole new you.

Confidence. Health. And the freedom to do so much more. Put them all back into your smile with full mouth dental implants.