Success Stories

Patient Testimonial-2 at Pleasant Hill Dental, CA

Hello, my name is Alicia. I have been a patient here at Pleasant Hill Dental since, gosh, 2016. I’m moving to Texas and this is probably one of the hardest aspects of moving, is having to go somewhere and find a new dentist because this is my second home from Invisalign and dentistry to maybe a few root canals here and there to an implant to just routine cleanings. I have just felt so at home here and I trust this office and everyone who’s worked in it, all of the interns who come are always so great and it’s just really hard to leave. But it’s been such a great experience and I’m just really grateful that I found this office. They’ve taken such great care of my teeth, but I’m just so grateful to have found this Okta office and Dr. Zhu and everyone here. Just again, second family, and I’m really sad to leave, but so happy that I’ve got to spend the last several years having the best care that I can ask for my teeth, so off to Texas. But I will miss everyone and thank you guys so much for taking such good care of not just my teeth, but of me, the person, so hard. Goodbye.

Patient Testimonial-1 at Pleasant Hill Dental, CA

So Hayden?
You just had all four of your wisdom teeth pulled. How did it go? How did we do?
Room good.
All right. And how are you feeling?
I feel loopy.
All right, perfect. And it was a pain-free situation, right? That’s excellent. And we took good care of you.
Alright. And would you recommend other people to come here and have their wisdom teeth pulled?
Of course
You would.
Fantastic. You did a great job, Hayden. And here at Freedom Dental. We really appreciate you and we look forward to seeing in the future.
Alright. High five. Alright.